8ct Blue Green Sapphire


8.29ct natural blue green sapphire.

The color of this sapphire is hard to capture as it varies depending on natural or indoor lighting. It is predominantly a blue sapphire but the green is always hovering.

Sometimes you discern more blue or as a deeper blue, and at other times the blue is as pale as the green. However the depth of light, this sapphire shows a blending of blue and green with much natural inclusions at full display in some parts.

I call this a pale-to-dense sapphire because it appears pastel color but carries with it a dense internal display, the latter giving the impression of a darker hue.

It is for this universe-in-a-gem effect that I love sapphires like this.

Not all see-through faceted gems have personality beyond the notion or preference of color. But personality is hardly limited to color in the world of gemmology or geology! The presence of inclusions – not one or two streaks but rather a loose ‘galaxy’ arrangement – makes for me an intriguing stone.

I imagine there is great potential to set a stone like this but you’d need an experienced and artistic jeweller.

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