HUGE 19ct Colombian Emerald Loose Gem


19.67ct natural emerald for sale.

This is a Colombian emerald, with minor to moderate oiling.

Available at this high carat size, there is much room for creative jewelry design.

Over and above a statement ring, I can imagine it as an asymmetrical earring (one side distinct from the other).

Emeralds are Cleopatra’s mojo, sensual stones that need not shy from inclusions to captivate. For this reason, I like pairing it with briolettes or cabochons, more to retain the gem’s organic beauty than to show off its fire.

With certification papers from a well-respected gem lab in Singapore. Most local jewellers and gem dealers go to Nanyang Gemological Institute, since we do not have a GIA / GRS office here.

Our price reflects this.

This gemstone will be GIA-certified by end-December 2017, and the price will likely increase.

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