Toi et Moi Diamond Ring 18k


18k toi et moi ring set with 1.16ctw fancy diamonds.

One is a 0.86ct cushion cut pale yellow diamond; the other is a 0.3ct old cut diamond, round with a square cut, this cut is very rarely seen.

This toi et moi ring is unconventional in that both diamonds are deliberately selected for being unique. Both are very old diamonds (not cut in present times), but that’s where the similarity ends.

The pale yellow diamond is included, while the rare cut is clear. Placing the two side by side releases a surprise every time you look at the ring; this surprise is refreshing for what is essentially only a two-stone ring.

The beauty of opposites is a very striking thing, in and outside design.

The high crossover band of this ring is also intentional. While many crossover shoulders are gentle, serving as ‘backdrop’, the arch is prominent around the two diamonds. The idea is to have plenty of white space around the stones; space around unconventional choices is critical to let a design ‘breathe’.

This white space magnifies the stones, though it is not the main concern. The ring at slightly over 1 carat looks way bigger.

This toi et moi ring is illusively simple. There’s not one like this, we hope you enjoy the brevity of design exercised conscientiously and energetically!

Made in our small workshop, solid and soulful, aware of the humanity that has come before us and hence after us.

A ring both "historical" and "modern" – we hope for this.

The ring is not cast; it is hand forged from start to finish.

That’s the beauty of slow craftsmanship.

We will size this ring accordingly after your purchase.

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