Whimsical Sapphire Drop Earrings 18k

18k drop earrings set with two distinct sapphires.

The gems are set in a historical front wear mechanism. Such a earring design carries the weight of the stones, so they drop well but swing minimally. You can tell the difference when you wear a pair designed this way.

These earrings are built to be non ornate, structurally distinct and playful.

One sapphire is saturated and matte; the other is transparent and sharp. Both sapphires were selected for their medium spectrum colors to convey soft ‘pastel’ beauty.

As a pair the earrings tease however you style.

These earrings were made to complement another whimsical piece, a ring.

They are not cast but hand forged from start to finish.

Another design built on art. The beauty of slow craftsmanship.

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