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I have never heard anyone refer to Chinese jewelry as soulful.

But it is. How can it not be? Jewellery enmeshed with its intentions that cannot be too poorly or too proud.

We have been collecting and curating Chinese jewellery and later Straits Chinese jewellery for over five years. Yet it is only recently I feel I know Chinese jewellery intimately.

Not all the above pieces are Chinese, but it is knowing what you are that you know what you are not. Or for some the other way round. However we come to identity, the journey is revealing because you come to appreciate the other parts that are “not Chinese” all over again. When we got to know Chinese jewellery, we then began to know Western jewellery, in a new way.

Which partly explains why we have to separate our areas of interest into two sites, Singapore Island Jewellery Store and Gem Gardener. Not so much for ease of shopping but really, a reflection of our personal growth as jewellers, craftswomen and artists. As outsiders in all these ‘designated’ roles, we gradually document how we see ourselves and our work.

I hope you find something you love here, or there 🙂

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