Unheated Sapphire

A selection of certified unheated sapphires – pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, purple sapphires & other fancy color natural sapphires. These untreated sapphires are increasingly rare; find out more about these rare gemstones from this article (Heated Vs Unheated Sapphire) at Gem Gardener.

Unheated Sapphires, 100% Untreated, Natural

Our selection is very precise, small but coveted.

We are not gem dealers. What you see here is a selection of a selection of a selection!

We offer mostly unheated gems for sale. Many are at least 5 carat, meaning they are regarded as investment gems if they satisfy gemological criteria.

We consistently select our gemstones thinking, how will an imaginative mind set this into a memorable piece of jewellery? Before we include a stone for sale here, we always know how we’d like to set it.

We are an ideal choice if you are looking for an interesting stone, and a setting intuitive to that stone.

We curate only natural stones. Every stone is certified. Every design is built by hand.

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