Nothing Without You

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I discovered our natural world late.

Perhaps there is never a right time, but how it would comfort me, and I knowing it had my back, would see through another lens other than humanly possible.

The rhetoric is old fashioned, but how it would comfort mere humans, if only we knew. Practical/natural knowledge obfuscated as otherworldly/esoteric knowledge!

What about you? Do you fall back to the natural world when worlds seem to collide?

From my place in the world here, I can only share with you pictures, and of course, music.

To start, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘s ‘Mustt Mustt’ album just is. I cannot find the original version of ‘Nothing Without You’ online, only its remixes, which unfortunately does not come close to the original. I put the remix here though, you find your place in the world 🙂


Pink Ring, Details

Yellow Ring, details to come

Blue Stone, Details