Singapore Island Jewellery Store Manifesto

Of A Small Business Owner


We come to fine jewellery as artists first, then jewellers. Too often, being an artist is seen as a vocation – you have to be a writer, a painter or a sculptor, etc. This is especially true in a city like Singapore where being an artist is synonymous with applying for government funding to support your work.

But art is not just a vocation. For an artist, it is in everything you do. This is why in the course of our business life, we have done everything from t-shirt printing to clothing design to antique restoration to fine jewellery.

Our business is really about sustaining an independent, artistic life in a neoliberal paradise.

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22K Lunula Byzantine Choker Necklace
Ancient Bead Earrings | Glass, Carnelian & 18K Gold


We make things that are lesser made, or not made yet. We offer alternatives to homogeneity. We let people find us.

We make beautiful things, with (usually rare) gemstones and ancient beads.

Dense city life makes us forget we are unique individuals. Yet beauty is an essential part of humanity – even Neanderthals understood the importance of making beautiful ornaments to distinguish themselves.

Making beautiful things has something to do with the choices we make living in (whichever) cities.

To be more precise, living an artistic life must be an everyday choice when confronted with the challenges of living in moneyed cities.


We make jewellery and art objects. We sell (big) gems and (rare) stones.

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22K Medieval Ruby Diamond Choker Necklace