Why Us?

Bespoke Custom Jewellery

You know how sometimes you look at someone who has opted for a hefty amount of plastic surgery, and you wonder why s/he didn’t stop at some point when s/he still looked humanly attractive (as opposed to superlatively attractive)?

I think this is because most plastic surgeons wouldn’t actually tell someone to stop. They may suggest something different, but they wouldn’t tell someone to stop.

SIJS Twin Peaks Burmese Ruby Ring Singapore
SIJS 24k Twin Peaks Ring, Star Ruby

Beauty Is Not the Pursuit of Perfection

Beauty is not how many diamonds you can squeeze onto a small (or big) ring, or how intricate the filigree work is.

Beauty Is Knowing When to Stop

This is a skill that cannot be taught, and a skill that can be buried with money. That is why so few learn and practice it.
SIJS bespoke fine jewellery Singapore
Jewellery at the Atelier, November 2018, Singapore

Made in Singapore

Everything we make, we make in Singapore. In fact, everything we make is made in Katong!

No CAD Drawings

We sketch our ideas and we forge each piece by hand.  We don’t sign off on a piece because it matches a drawing or model.

We sign off only when its form is harmonious, a form that will consider many other factors.

Lifetime of Care

Jewellery that passes through our hands we take care of for life.


What you are looking for is art, whether you know it or not.

SIJS Handmade Bespoke Jewellery

A Selection of Our Work

Black Coral
Free Form Burmese Spinels
18K & 22K Gold

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15.31ct & 11.24ct Ceylon Star Sapphires
Ceylon Sapphire Cabochons
Baguette & Rose Cut Diamonds
18K Yellow & White Gold

3.54ct Australian Black Opal
A Cluster of White Opals on the Reverse
24K Gold

13.24ct Unheated Cornflower Blue Sapphire
3ct Custom Cut Moonstones

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16.03ct unheated color change sapphire
8.29ctw of Diamonds
Platinum & 18K Yellow Gold

bespoke rings singapore

Our Fees

Bespoke fees start at SGD3000. This excludes the cost of materials.

You may not require bespoke services. If you are looking for a simpler, hand built mounting, please take a look at our Settings Catalog.

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We are simultaneously funny and serious. Rare.