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26.7ct blue Ceylon sapphire cabochon with no thermal treatment.

This unheated sapphire measures a generous 19mm by 12.17mm by 10.93mm.

SIJS, star sapphire singapore, star sapphire ring, 10 carat star sapphire, loose star sapphire gemstones, round star sapphire, loose gemstones singapore, blue sapphire singapore

10.8ct natural blue star sapphire with a bright blue color.

The rays are distinct, but better still is the blue has a very observable oceanic tone, caught in an almost all round cabochon.

SIJS, loose gemstones singapore, loose gemstones for sale, singapore rare gemstones

11.4ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl displaying a sharp chatoyancy.

This is the smaller of the two cat's eye chrysoberyls we have listed. It is a translucent greenish yellow that is not ...


21.89ct natural cat's eye chrysoberyl with a superior 'Honey' color.

This high carat gem is exemplar of collector quality cat's eye.

SIJS, red coral diamond ring, antique coral diamond ring, cocktail rings diamond clusters, cocktail rings singapore, red coral ring singapore

SIJS striking tri-gemstone ring set with coral, jade and diamonds in 22k.

This is a ring made to embody the nature of life. Breathing means inhaling all that life presents.

SIJS, tanzanite marquise ring, unheated tanzanite ring, tanzanite diamond ring, tanzanite ring singapore, platinum tanzanite ring

SIJS marquise ring set with a rare unheated tanzanite weighing 2.85ct and accented with 1.5ctw diamonds.

This tanzanite exhibits a fancy color palette, a rogue green in the violet that lets us appreciate a dispersion of colors.


Art Deco style ring set with a 1.64ct paraiba tourmaline in platinum.

This is a classic yet not always seen Art Deco setting. We revived the style because the stepped gold work is ideal for a teardrop gemstone.


24k solid gold ring inspired by the coil rings of the Malay Archipelago empire.

A ring like this was dated between the 9th to 11th AD, of course brittle and timeworn.

We ...


24k solid gold ring made in the tradition of Viking rings.

The twist and braid styles of rings were made very soulfully throughout Viking history. Some were Romanized, some became lost.

This ...

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