19th century earrings
19th century earrings
19th century earrings

19th Century Enamel Gold Earrings


19th century Etruscan Revival gold lantern earrings set in 18k and enamel.

The cobalt blue enamel decorated in diamond and circle insets are iridescent and deep set. Each lantern is fabricated with detailed gold work, both outside and on its underside.

Fine Etruscan Revival jewelry lies in the manipulation of separate gold parts that come together to form a recognizable Revival style.

Yet a good piece of Revival jewelry is probably not in how ‘Etruscan’ (or ornate) it looks, but rather, how the whole is more than its parts. This pair gives ‘Etruscan Revival’ its good name, being bold and outsider (slightly gothic no?), with no need for the usual European sentiment.

It is interesting to note the similarities in the gold work of Peranakan and Etruscan Revival jewelry. However much the gold and however ornate, the piece is always lightweight and delicate. Repoussé (raised designs on metal) and cannatille (twisted strands of gold wires) is a big part of both jewelry forms, with different pieces all coming together from a mix of ancient Greek motifs and Indo-European influence.

This pair is both historical and heirloom, when jewelry is cinematic.

The earrings measure about 4.5cm right to the ‘tassels’, a medium length pair.

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