23ct Unheated Yellow Sapphire

23.58ct natural unheated yellow sapphire.

This yellow sapphire is lemon yellow. When set on gold (yellow or platinum) it will be rather intense, since the yellow colour when unset is already well lively.

We note that this yellow sapphire is lively because its yellow is not uniform. While many prefer a flat distribution of colour, as artistic jewellers we note that the liveliness of colour is discerned only when there is a rise and fall. Evidence for this is when a gem-quality stone looks like glass.

The sapphire is a Type II gem with inclusions, but this sapphire’s minor inclusions do not detract from its worthiness. Look at its colour in the garden, unedited.

On Jumbo Size Gems:

This jumbo sapphire is unheated, wholly natural. The joy of jumbo gems is of course its size. Most folks think it is to show, but if you ever had one built into a piece of jewelry, you would know the meaning of what it means to stare into a stone (that happens to be a jewel).

It is a metaphysical thing, staring into a sizeable piece of the universe, older than anything you’d probably own. If the piece is unheated, it is to tell you the gem you see before you is exactly (when dusted and polished) how the earth ‘pushed’ it out of its being.

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