24k Roman Gold Choker Necklace Ancient


24k gold choker necklace set with ancient Roman gold spikes.

The gold spikes are from an ancient era (over 1500 years). The gold content is at least equivalent to modern day 22k gold.

They are prehistoric ornaments, not pieces of subsequent production or reproduction.

These solid gold spikes were created to resemble little ‘pagodas’, naturally worshipping the sun. They have gone through generations of human society, to look the way they do.

It is a stroke of destiny not merely to find these Roman gold fragments, but these distinct pieces. The spikes vary in size in so neatly that we could do something like this.

What fascinates us deeply is that these gold worshippers have gone through generations of human society, to look the way they do, to carry on they way they do.

While we added work on the tiny gold disc separators (solid 24k) and created a malleable old wire choker (solid 24k), we made sure not to have additional plating or work in any form on the ancient gold. We designed the necklace keeping to the idea of ancient jewelry, right up to its clasp.

Now for the fun in wearing a piece like this – you are supposed to mold the form of the choker to the shape of your neck. Have no fear it will misshapen, as it will round back as naturally as it will contour to your neck.

For the sensitive person, an ancient gold fragment is charged with the atmosphere of those ancient cultures that made and used them. This symbolic energy allows the wearer of the bead to be in remembrance of her own archaic human history. For some, it’s talismanic energy, and for others, mere remembrance. Either way, it shows a pathway to navigate the complexity of the human-data world, in a fluid and interconnected cosmos that is now the postmodern society.

Large parts of our brain are still rooted in archaic symbolic thinking, and it is no wonder our ideals of beauty keep referencing our own archaic human history.

If a skull is to remind one of Memento Mori (“remember we must die”), an ancient gold fragment is to remind one of our immeasurable-immense inter-connectivity.

Little and potent pieces, the ancient fragment as a remedy against unreality.

Frozen and borrowed through time, the only one pair we made that will pass from us to you.

Measures 15.5″ to 16″. The choker will sit near or at your clavicles.

The longest spike is 7mm.

Polaroid photo: Cy Twombly

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