25ct 16ct Natural Untreated Star Sapphire Loose Gems

From SG$4,500.00

2 natural untreated star sapphires for sale, 24.94ct and 16.68ct.

The bigger star sapphire is a deeper violet, while the smaller sapphire is a pale lilac. Both sapphires show distinct six rays that extend all the way.

Both are high carat cabochons suitable for a proper star sapphire ring, in the sense its rays can be visibly appreciated without too much manipulated light when set on a ring.

Two photos (without the rays) show the underside of the sapphires, so you get a better idea of the color of the gem.

24.94ct Star Sapphire, Sri Lanka

16.68ct Unheated Blue Star Sapphire

A group of star sapphires

Gem Report

24.97ct Blue Star Sapphire Sri Lanka Report

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