25ct Unheated Blue Star Sapphire Sri Lanka


25.42ct unheated blue star sapphire from Sri Lanka.

This star sapphire is wholly natural and unheated.

It is a saturated blue distinguished by being near transparent (this quality is reserved for only high quality star sapphires, while most are translucent or opaque). The blue is oceanic and its six rays are distinct and extend all the way to the girdle.

Photos are not as many as star sapphires are quite ‘fixed’ in how they appear. The first two photos show the star sapphire in lower light and with a direct light shone onto it. The next two photos were taken without a focused light and only the room light above.

Consider how staunch the blue displays, its blue unchanging and consistently with or without a focused light source. This is not the case for star sapphires with a lacklustre or average color.

The lower the light the bluer/deeper this star sapphire appears, hence the higher the contrast between the blue and the rays. Even unaided by a focused light source the six rays display boldly. This is an exemplar star sapphire, in color and energy.

The last two photos show the star sapphire in the garden/daylight. Here the color again displays consistently, its blue as bright as a natural star sapphire can get!

Watch out for how the six rays dance readily, with the slightest movement.

GIA report number 6301296435.

Gem Report

25ct blue star sapphire gia

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