5ct Diamond Round Cut VS1 Certified


Above 5ct diamond round cut VS1, QR color, certified.

This 5.25ct eye clean diamond is a very light yellow. A good jeweller will know what to do to subvert the yellow, if so preferred. However, depending on the type and color of setting stones, the color of this diamond will take care of itself if good design decisions are made.

This diamond is a good value if you are looking for a generously sized diamond to fashion a prominent statement piece. It has excellent fire (from its good cut) and this brilliance alone is especially critical for big diamond projects.

Photos of the diamond in the garden are not edited. Photos indoors are minimally edited for brightness calibration.

The color of this diamond is less of a concern because the diamond is cut well and it is very clean. A 5ct VS1 diamond is rare, and a bright, big diamond is valued.

The diamond measures 11.6 x 11.75 x 6.49mm.

Certified report from Nanyang Gemological Institute.

Gem Report

5ct Diamond Round Cut VS1 Certified

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