7ct Cat's Eye Sapphire

7ct Cat’s Eye Unheated Blue Sapphire Certified


6.88ct unheated blue sapphire showing chatoyancy.

This is a very rare stone because it displays chatoyancy in an atypical stone, the sapphire.

This is not a star sapphire, but a cat’s eye blue sapphire.

The cat’s eye phenomenon is usually observed in chrysoberyl and alexandrite, while the star sapphire is observed in sapphire and ruby.

This is so nice to share with a lover of stones, gem lover or not. It was hard to put a price to this stone.

And if you love blue sapphires and cat’s eye gems, this is one stone encapsulating the two. Nature’s work is so strange and splendid.

Lotus Gemology report number 8313-5772.

Lotus Gemology is the world’s only lab exclusively devoted to ruby, sapphire and spinel.

Please visit lotusgemology.com for extensive info and experience in gemology.

Gem Report

6.88ct cat's eye sapphire lotus gemology

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