7ct Chrome Tourmaline Collector Gem


6.85ct chrome tourmaline gemstone.

Chrome tourmaline is highly prized for its distinct, rich forest-green color, owing to traces of chromium, the same element responsible for red ruby and green emerald.

It is considered a collector’s gem not because it lacks the hardness for jewelry but because of its extreme rarity in occurrence.

But unlike other varieties of tourmaline, chrome tourmaline is rarely found in large sizes, most stones weigh less than one carat.

I have photographed this chrome tourmaline with a tsavorite garnet, for those who are interested in stones, to showcase their difference in the display of powerful green.

Tsavorite is another rare gemstone with that hypnotic green, which is available in another listing. Contrary to most beliefs, there are surprisingly very few gemstones that naturally occur in green; subsequently, even fewer colored by chromium.

This gemstone is certified with a well respected gem lab in Singapore.

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