8ct 8 Fancy Yellow Diamonds Lot


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7.65ctw mixed lot of diamonds I put together for jewellers or a creative mind.

These 8 diamonds are good as a set, which is why I prefer to let them go as a set.

There are four squarish cuts and four roundish cuts (see last two photos for clearer idea of shapes).

The colors range from yellow to brown, but all of them with considerable fire and not dull, with good sizes to set to jewelry, be it one or two rings, earring or pendant.

Do not purchase this lot if you are looking for thoroughly clean diamonds. The 8 diamonds in this series are beautiful for one offsets another in their collective flavour, deliberating factors of cut, color AND fire.

The 8 diamonds will also work beautifully as a delicate diamond bracelet, or diamond necklace set on a ultra fine chain.

There is so much potential for this set. I include this selection mostly to introduce fun in my work as a jeweller 🙂

There are 8 diamonds in the lot. 4 diamonds are above 1 carat.

From L to R:

1. 0.65ct square cut

2. 0.95ct oval cut (rose cut alike)

3. 1.1ct pear cut

4. 0.9ct marquise cut

5. 1.05ct pear cut

6. 1.05ct emerald cut

7. 1.2ct cushion cut

8. 0.85ct square cut

Offered at a firm price, this is a good value set.

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