Ancient Bead Earrings 18k Carnelian


18k dangle earrings set with ancient beads.

The orange red faceted bead is earth-mined carnelian; the blue striped bicone bead is glass.

They are prehistoric ornaments, not pieces of subsequent production or reproduction.

What fascinates us deeply is that Beads are the oldest art form in the world. They are older than the cave paintings.

For the sensitive person, an ancient bead is charged with the atmosphere of those ancient cultures that made and used them. This symbolic energy allows the wearer of the bead to be in remembrance of her own archaic human history. For some, it’s talismanic energy, and for others, mere remembrance. Either way, it shows a pathway to navigate the complexity of the human-data world, in a fluid and interconnected cosmos that is now the postmodern society.

Large parts of our brain are still rooted in archaic symbolic thinking, and it is no wonder our ideals of beauty keep referencing our own archaic human history.

If a skull is to remind one of Memento Mori (“remember we must die”), an ancient bead is to remind one of our immeasurable-immense inter-connectivity.

Little and potent pieces, the bead as a remedy against unreality.

Frozen and borrowed through time, the only one pair we made that will pass from us to you.

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