Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring
Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring

Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring

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An atypical Victorian ring, of amethyst gemstones set in open collets, groomed in an 18k half dome. Modern amethyst rings can be funky, but an antique amethyst cocktail ring as ‘modern’ as this one is not typical. The dome is actually almost an orb, its open back with quiet filigree. The amethyst gemstones are laid out very well in a bloom, seen symmetric from one side, and asymmetric from another. The bezels vary in height, so the ‘bloom’ takes on an organic structure. Perhaps that explains its modernity, its very atomic structure presents this ring unique from similarly-styled modern ‘princess harem’ or other cocktail rings.

(Antique Amethyst Cocktail Ring)

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