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Antique Claddagh Ring

Early Victorian 15k claddagh ring set in a clover motif with turquoise and a center diamond.

Most claddagh rings are set with the heart, crown and hands. This one with the four-leaf clover possibly intuits luck to the wearer, with an intriguing ring carved on the pinky finger.

Claddagh rings have many meanings depending on which finger it is worn on and are worn at different stages of relationships. Since this one is not the usual heart motif, with an unusual distinction and choice of ‘exotic’ turquoise, it makes for a very rare find.

While the thumb symbolizes the inner self, the little finger is associated with the outer world. It sits on the outside of our hands, facing the world. It is the relationship finger, expressing our attitudes towards other people, sex, and the material world. Rings on the little finger represent confidence and independence in personal and business relationships, as well as a person’s attitude towards sexuality and personal appeal.

Thinking along these lines leads us to imagine this claddagh ring was designed to be worn on the pinky finger, with a little of masonry, pluck and luck suggestive in matters above!

The closed back turquoise stones suggest this ring could have originated from the early 19th century, before Victorian times.

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