antique diamond bracelet
antique diamond bracelet
antique diamond bracelet

Antique Diamond Bracelet, Bird Diamond Jewellery

True Peranakan jewelry is always delicately designed, however much the gold in a piece of jewelry. This super sparkly antique diamond bracelet has 14 old European cut diamonds, with an approximate total weight at 0.6 carat.

It is hard to locate an authentic Peranakan bracelet with full old European diamonds.

The central motif is a bird with wings spread above its head, in a perched ‘surveying’ position. This bracelet is not ornate for a Peranakan jewellery piece, with rather clean foliage filigree, but it has very bright and almost flawless diamonds. The photos reveal how sparkly the diamonds are even in low light.

This is our third antique Peranakan diamond bracelet (the first and second), all other bracelets being hand-cut diamond ‘intan’ jewellery. This is our first antique Peranakan filigree bracelet with full cut diamonds.

Consistent with most old Peranakan bracelets, the whole bracelet is flexible and articulates around the bird. This means even if the bracelet is too small or too big, it will nevertheless wrap nicely to every wrist. See a different bird motif. This piece should date somewhere after the ’50s, with at least 60 years.

This 18k bracelet is a dainty piece, the bird is widest at only 1.3cm, with typical 2-3mm Peranakan links.

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