Antique Diamond Bracelet, Peranakan Jewelry

True Peranakan jewelry is always delicately designed, however much the gold in a piece of jewelry. This bracelet has its ‘intan’ diamonds positioned deliberately and sparingly, as if a constellation was in place and to upset it would be unimaginable. Measuring small, wrist wise, by today’s standards, this 20-22k antique diamond bracelet is about 90 years old. The center flower motif measures 2cm tall, and from there it gradually thins until links that come to only 3mm. Uneven notches dot the outer perimeter in unusual fashion, giving the otherwise symmetrical shoulder a wing-like or wispy outlook.

The mood is youthful, carefree, adventurous, and we think attributable to its very slim links against a very gold frame. The clasp work is hand fabricated as well, with its original safety chain.


(Antique Diamond Bracelet, Peranakan Jewelry)


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