Antique Diamond Heart Pendant, Antique Peranakan Jewellery

The Peranakan pendant will often come with floral and scroll motifs in curvilinear lines, differing where the stones are either diamonds or intan.

This antique diamond heart pendant is a ‘garland pendant’, with a dainty diamond drop swinging back and forth from a flower above. At 30mm including the bail , its is bigger than most Western pendants but considered a medium size in Peranakan pendants. The diamonds are old cut and the workmanship very fine, shimmering prettily in what was essentially a European, turn of the century favored design, of garlands, fruit baskets, ribbons and such feminine mores of its time.

We acquired this pendant with the Star Diamond Earrings.

(Antique Diamond Heart Pendant, Antique Peranakan Jewellery)

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