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Antique Enamel Lion Gold Ring

18k antique lion enamel ring from the early 1900s.

The hand carved lion is actually a hybrid creature, half lion, half fish. Its body circles to form the ring band, ending in an emerald-studded curled fishtail.

The bright green enamel is in effect guilloche enamel, its repetitive streaking apparent through the transparent enamel.

The facial features and mane of the sea lion is superbly carved, and the goldwork is fine yet robust. Unlike modern cast pieces, the gold is thin throughout without sacrificing details.

For a sculptural and visible piece as this, it is impeccable for its lack of chunkiness and well-proportioned form. Any bigger in size and the ring would only wear well on certain fingers. A considered form as it is allows it to ‘breathe’ on most hands.

There is a hallmark underneath. We acquired the ring stated as an Art Deco era piece, but it is hard to put an exact date to its unique creation. The craftsmanship appears unlikely to date after the ’40s.

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