Antique Navette Diamond Ring, Peranakan Intan Jewellery

The navette ring is a quintessential style of Peranakan jewellery, but what is special about this piece is its ultra long and thin setting. Hand fabricated in 21-22kt yellow gold, 55 hand cleaved rose cut diamonds (intan) sit on a 4cm long setting that is only 7mm across at its widest point.

You can trace the design of this ring back to diamond studded Victorian navette betrothal rings, but none of those would have been made so long and in such a sensuous, delicate manner. The elongated setting also gives this piece a contemporary feel, although bejeweled Scheherazade herself would have bewildered the King with a similar oriental gem.

This piece is mid-century or slightly earlier.

If this ring was a person, it would be a minimalist stricken with an unfortunate love for glamor. Is this… you?

(Antique Navette Diamond Ring, Peranakan Intan Jewellery)

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