Antique Tennis Bracelet
Antique Tennis Bracelet
Antique Tennis Bracelet

Antique Tennis Bracelet, Peranakan Jewellery

The most dainty of our antique Peranakan bracelet is this 20k-22k antique ‘tennis bracelet’.

Set with fairly wide ‘intan’ diamonds, the eleven hand-cleaved diamonds line up in an almost imperceptible ‘fisheye’. Each prong set diamond moves freely from the other. The ultra simplicity of this bracelet makes this design a jewellery classic, its sleekness unbelievable for its 80 years of age.

While the ‘tennis bracelet’ is a modern name, this line of diamonds was meant to accompany other bracelets in its time. It was unusual, stark perhaps, to wear a lone bracelet. Old photos of Peranakan ladies showed them styling thick and thin bracelets together. These women had amazing jewellery on both hands and true to ethnic jewellery, each ring and each bracelet laid down its auspice and memory relentlessly.

Where it was once possible to find this tennis bracelet style in old Peranakan jewellery stores some decades ago, this style is less likely to surface with time. Its modern allure means no one wants to part with it anymore!

See a traditional diamond bracelet or see a filigree ‘intan’ bracelet.

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