Antique White Gold Diamond Necklace
Antique White Gold Diamond Necklace
Antique White Gold Diamond Necklace

Antique White Gold Diamond Necklace

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14k antique white gold diamond bracelet from the Deco era, set with VS2/G-H diamonds that weigh 0.5 ctw.

Ubiquitous in classic Art Deco lacework, this delicate necklace is formed by articulating tabs joining to one another. The 2.5cm central component is a triangular focal piece, its filigree decorated with old-cut diamonds that round off just below where the collarbone falls.

While the necklace looks larger than life in the photos, each tab spans a mere 7mm and the entire necklace is pliant like fine lace, both exquisite and gossamer in the hand.

White gold Art Deco filigree necklaces and bracelets were and are in a league of their own. ‘Flapper’ fashion that started on the streets became a go-to for higher class ladies, who actually adopted the ‘Gatsby’ look with more flair (and thunder). In fact, the white gold popularity of the modern world is intrinsically traced to the ‘Gatsby’ influence. The filigree necklaces are resolutely harder to come by than the bracelets; one wonders why.

Antique White Gold Diamond Necklace
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Antique White Gold Necklace
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