art nouveau enamel pendant
art nouveau enamel pendant
art nouveau enamel pendant

Art Nouveau Enamel Pendant, Carnelian

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1900s Art Nouveau enamel pendant set with carnelian and an old-cut diamond.

The carnelian is set in a cameo which is bezel decorated with enamel work and lined with seed pearls. The vermillion carnelian is carved with a Japonaise ‘screen’ motif of flower or foliage.

There is a sensuousness in the use of red and green in the enamel and the luxuriant choice of stone. I’m not sure if there is a more ‘fashionable’ Art Nouveau pendant in this dainty package, at about 2.5cm. The long lightly chased swing bail adds a further 2cm, in effect capturing attention at the neck (if worn shortish), or dropping the gaze further (when worn closer to the buxom).

Set in 14k, this is a well-kept piece much like a miniature work of art.

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