Bicolor Burmese Ruby Corundum Loose Gem


3.25ct bi color Burmese ruby corundum showing a bright display of reddish-pink and white (transparent).

This is a very uncommon stone because it is a corundum showing both aspects of ruby and sapphire.

Mine talk is, it occurs, if it does, one piece for every ten kilos. The color parts will get cut away for a full colored gemstone, or else most are very small cabochons.

The artful separation of pink and white is a thing of beauty, organic yet idealistic, almost unreal. While we can get less vividly separated bicolor sapphires, coming across one vivid bicolor cabochon (specifically pink and white) is very rare. Refer to the group shot for an idea of color spectrum in these type of corundums.

This gem measures 11mm by 7.5mm, a good size for a ring.

This is not just a collector’s stone; it is also a jeweller’s stone. It is a joy not from conventional investment value but from making it at all from humans’ activity in Nature’s output.

If worked on a design that measures up, it will become a winning, unrepeatable piece of jewelry.

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