cats eye ring mens
cats eye ring mens

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and Diamond Ring

18k cat’s eye ring set with a 10.02ct greenish-brown ‘honey’ chrysoberyl and accented with diamonds totalling 1.5ctw.

For a high carat cat’s eye stone, the three quality features are color, transparency, and the ‘eye’ itself. This chrysoberyl has the color and transparency of honey, a combination of yellow or golden brown.

In a a well-proportioned cat’s eye with a well-defined eye, the band of light will move from one side to the other, always remaining straight and complete. This is shown very well in our case, its chatoyancy razor sharp and complete.

The transparency (differs from translucence) shows off fine and evenly spaced inclusions across the width and length of the stone, and the stone is also being polished into a well shaped dome. The high carat stone allows us to set a diamond halo setting around the cabochon. The effect in this gent’s ring is handsome; its flamboyance is not flighty.

Of course, the ‘milk and honey’ effect is observed in our cat’s eye. This is possible only if the stone presents saturation of good color, and good transparency. In this way, reflection off the inclusions gives the stone a dark honey color on one side of the light source and then a milky lighter color on the side away from the light, with the eye’s white line dividing the two colors.

This cat’s eye is certified near transparent. At its high carat weight and having the properties of color, transparency and effortless sharpness, this is an exceptional gemstone ring.

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