diamond huggie earrings
diamond huggie earrings
vintage peranakan jewellery

Diamond Huggie Earrings, Vintage Peranakan Jewellery

18k diamond huggie earrings set with old cut diamonds.

This is our second pair of Chinese huggie earrings, not as old as the first, but fashioned in a similar style.

On each earring, there are twelve diamonds set in two rows, making this a slimmer version than the first (three rows). This pair is also set in a rosy gold, where the ‘rose gold’ is more obvious under certain lighting.

By now, we know that while these huggie earrings do not surface very often in the marketplace, they are not that unusual. Younger ladies wore these, as older Peranakan women found the dangling ‘bao’ (treasure), a single diamond drop, to be frivolous. Well, their earlobes would also not allow for its beauty…

This pair of Peranakan earrings is delectable for its petite size. While the staple Peranakan pieces are finer and heavier, the smaller pieces appear to appeal to the modern aesthetic and working lady.

Through its moderate number of diamonds and that tiny diamond drop, it certainly offers a wonderful juxtaposition to the Western diamond huggie earrings.

With over 60 years of age. The pair is handmade.

diamond huggie earrings
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