Color Change Garnet Gemstone Bracelet

Petite 18k fine garnet gemstone bracelet set with 5 natural colour change garnets and accented with 8 diamonds, approximately 1-point each.

The earth mined garnets are of an excellent quality. They show an excellent colour change between green and purple, with excellent fire in both color spectrums.

Dark garnets may lack fire but the sparkle in these garnets are bold, even in low light.

Under incandescent or warm lighting, you can see the mysterious garnets are actually a ‘rainbow’ of purple and blue. The wonder of color change gemstones is seen here very well – the five garnets show dissimilar change. Furthermore, the contrast of these garnets against the white gold setting is striking.

Under daylight their colour is even and a strong green.

*** Specifics ***

Photo 2 shows the colours under white light or daylight when a spotlight runs over > purple tinges mostly green.

Photos 3 shows the colours in incandescent light when white light runs over > green tinges mostly purple.

Can you see distinctly the excellent colour change in these garnets?

The bracelet measures 6.5″. This is a delicately crafted bracelet, the flat hidden linked chain at only 2mm.

*** End of Specifics ***

Many colour change garnets look strangely unfashionable in modern jewellery but this bracelet is an exception. Its mesmerising colours are a subtle shine in gemstone and gold.

All garnets are natural, untreated, clean and transparent. All diamonds have VS clarity.

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