garnet diamond ring
garnet diamond ring
garnet diamond ring

SIJS Garnet Diamond Galaxy Ring

A 0.65ct garnet set with six old cut diamonds on an 18k band.

This is a color change garnet. Under indoor fluorescent lights the garnet is a sober grey-green. It changes to Ribena berry in daylight and flashes to hot pink under incandescent light.

This ring was inspired by a steely attitude. The stones are small and many but there is a position to each ‘candidate’. The grey-green stone could be a dull stone and is not easy to work with, yet the white-grey-green-raspberry-gold color palette is so soothing, grounded.

The color change is understated, which is the beauty of smaller stones and fashioning it as a center stone with a unity of diamonds is a slow dance. When looking at the sky, the sparkle is as much as only the eye can figure.

In fact, we’ve closed the back of the ring except for the garnet. This pays tribute to older, classical rings, in particular to jewellery with the ‘foil’ effect, where each stone is wrapped by a sheath of gold many times unevenly. The favor of light over form is a modern emphasis but the quiet beauty of form (without much light) holds other possibilities, no?

The imperfect goldwork is not everyone’s cup of tea but photos are many to do what words cannot inspire.

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