Amethyst Seed Pearl Antique Ring
Amethyst Seed Pearl Antique Ring
Amethyst Seed Pearl Antique Ring
Amethyst Seed Pearl Antique Ring

Georgian Amethyst Seed Pearl Antique Ring

15k antique amethyst ring set with a border of seed pearls from the Georgian era.

While many rings are similarly styled from this period, in particular the amethyst and seed pearl pairing, what distinguishes this ring apart are the large seed pearls and the ‘gemmy’ amethyst. The amethyst is very captivating because its high-domed cut gives the illusion of a ‘gemmy’ cabochon, with a mysterious depth and pool to its purple.

Each seed pearl is 2.5mm, which is pretty large for a seed pearl. The ring as a whole has a bigger ‘centerpiece’ than the later Victorian pieces, at almost 2cm across. The shoulders add a further girth to the rectangle, yet the ring is nothing but pretty and feminine.

This Georgian seed pearl ring is amazingly preserved, quite the challenge for such stones.

Many rings of this style in this era don’t measure up! The appeal of a non-faceted stone is self explanatory – one either loves it or not. In an antique amethyst ring, it is a lovely gesture.

Antique Amethyst Ring with Seed Pearls
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