GIA 4.59ct Red Spinel Gem Ring


4.59ct natural red spinel in a cushion cut.

This red spinel is a dark, vivid red. At natural light in the garden the gem looks almost like the Pigeon’s Blood variety of rubies.

Spinels are desired for their wonderful spectrum of colors and for generally having great fire. The ‘red-red’ in this spinel will be suitable to work into white or yellow gold.

For those looking to set a true red gem with no hint of pink, this spinel offers that possibility, at a fraction of the grand price of any ruby.

The last photo gives you an idea of the red to pink spectrum of three gems, red spinel, ruby, pink spinel.

Photos are minimally edited for brightness calibration. Daylight / garden photos are not edited.

GIA Report 1308297726.

Gem Report

red spinel cushion gia

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