GIA 7ct Heart Alexandrite Color Change


Rare heart cut natural alexandrite showing a good color change.

At 7.02ct, this wholly natural alexandrite displays a medium to strong color shift, depending on how vivid the incandescent lighting is.

The color change from Yellow green to Greenish brown orange is very lively in a heart bigger than my thumb.

This alexandrite has a good, thick depth, which is critical for a heart cut’s fire. You will appreciate this when the stone is set. If the heart cut (of any gem) is not cut with sufficient depth, the stone will lack internal fire.

This heart cut Sri Lankan alexandrite is transparent, clean, and fiery.

Extroverted or introverted, an intuitive gemstone lover would enjoy the autumnal palette of this alexandrite.

GIA report 1307798551.

Gem Report

7ct heart cut alexandrite gia report

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