GIA Lavender Jadeite Jewelry Loose Gem Type A


4 Type A lavender jadeite cabochons weighing a total of 28.71ctw.

The four high quality cabochons are selected for their potential to work into a set of lavender jade jewelry, comprising a ring, pendant and a pair of earrings. The cabochons for the ring and pendant could be switched, depending if you prefer a bigger ring or pendant necklace.

All four lavender jadeite cabochons have a strong violet hue that are certified translucent. It is at a good mark of color that does not lose the ethereal lilac color and will hold its ‘pastel beauty’ in daylight (i.e. not faint).

Consider the photo (gems taken with the jade bangle) to compare the lavender hue – on the bangle you can see it in almost two halves of light and darker violet.

Personally – though very specifically – we hunt for lavender jadeite that is violet but with an almost imagined undertone of green jade in its soulfulness. This is why we paired the lot with paraiba tourmaline gemstones – there is a color in there the eyes can flesh out 🙂

All four cabochons are GIA certified and ready to be turned into an artistic set of personal jewelry.

Wherever you are, we can also set this set for you, if you want to hear our ideas!

The sizes are as follow:
– 11.05ct (16.69mm x 12.17 x 6.82)

– round 4.93ct (9.47 x 9.34 x 6.45)

– and the oval pair is 6.02ct and 6.71ct (11.78 x 11.06 x 5.9).

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