GIA Transparent 20ct Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl


19.83ct natural cat’s eye chrysoberyl with amazing transparency.

This cat’s eye is uniformly transparent, with a fluid consistency that you can see all the way through.

This high carat gem is exemplar of collector quality cat’s eye. It is distinct from the "milk and honey" type of cat’s eye, but its transparency is wholly valued for those who desire the cat’s eye to be clear.

The distinct band is without doubt.

As an artistic jeweller, I imagine Nature’s value of this cat’s eye is allowing the gold (setting) beneath to shine upwards.

It is entirely possible to set the stone to touch the skin, and because the stone is so transparent, there is no worry about the cat’s eye being dark after it is set into a ring etc, open or close back.

The size of this cat’s eye is a surreal luxury.

Photos are minimally edited, and some are quite dark, in order to display the stone’s tone and transparency even in low light.

Pending GIA Report.

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