jade donut pendant
jade donut pendant

Jade Donut Pendant, Antique Chinese Jade

One of the small pieces of ‘charms’ specific to the Peranakan Straits Chinese, this jade donut pendant is partially encased in a stylized dragonfly or butterfly, both timeless motifs in Peranakan jewelry. In its time, this piece would be a talisman, manifesting the strengths of jade and gold to ward off evil and as a bountiful blessing. The jade is apple green and uniform in tone, but what distinguishes this jade donut from many modern pieces is its petite 1.5cm width size. The actual width of the donut is 0.5cm between the two circumferences – can you imagine how its daintiness serves its felicity?

As customary, the gold is set between 20-22k, and 2cm tallest. We love these smaller than usual tributes, much harder to find than the elaborate mementoes. A reminder to be joyful, might we say?


(Jade Donut Pendant, Antique Chinese Jade Jewelry)


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