24k Roman Hoop Earrings, Jade Opal


Wholly hand-forged type ‘A’ jade gold earrings with pink opals in 24k gold. There is only one pair of jade pink opal earrings like this.

The apple green jadeite jade is Type A and natural. The pink opals are also natural.

We only work with natural untreated gemstones.

This is as important as choosing to work with 24k gold, for we hope these Revival earrings become timeless art objects, beyond casual wearing.

These earrings are designed to be detachable. You can wear it with only the jade hoop, or with its opal drop. It’s two pairs in one.

The earrings are light and swift, deliberately designed to bring attention to aura.

24k earrings are soft and malleable; you do need to be gentle with them. These are constructed, both in likeness and process, to revive the style of high karat gold historical jewelry displayed in museums.

As jewelry artists and makers, we know what 24k gold feels and looks like when worn. Yet you must discover for yourself its essence, soulful and quite inseparable from our humanity.

There is only one pair like this.

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