Natural Burmese MAUVE PINK Spinel Loose Gem


One 2.32ct natural, unheated, untreated Burmese pink spinel for sale.

The 2.32ct is a rectangle shape, with a lovely pink that is quite inseparable from purple. It is not the purple of amethysts and it is not the pink of pink sapphires 🙂

If you are looking for a mauve color gem this could be it.

This is a Bumese spinel with good fire. Its pink is a pale grape color, or a dark lilac color.

Spinels are desired for their wonderful spectrum of colors and for generally having great fire.

Those that approximate ruby or padparadscha colors fetch more in the gem market but it is hardly the only thing to consider. Because spinels are still not crazily priced (like rubies), you can get them in more interesting (uncommon) shapes or cuts.

Google ‘Balas Ruby’ to read more about this mis-valued gem.

If you need ideas how to set this gem, please get in touch.

We don’t have to make it for you, but it really helps when gemstone sourcing online to know what designs you have in mind. Some gems ask for it, others lesser so 🙂

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