Natural Chrysoberyl Cushion Cut 57ct Certified GIA


Jumbo 57.12ct natural chrysoberyl in a cushion cut.

This is a brownish-green chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka.

In low light the green holds its color (a good thing, the stone is not dark); when incandescent light passes, the green takes on a reddish-brown.

This chrysoberyl has a good display of color because the brown is not overly saturated. In this way, we can discern the green not just in daylight but also in low light.

The distribution of color is attractive, whether in natural light or in the room, because the gem is so big!

Photos of the chrysoberyl taken with my homemade jams are to provide a visual context to its color change. Can you see the green is striking, but so is its color change, when the brown in the green takes on an orangey hue distinctly?

At its jumbo size, this chrysoberyl makes for a collector specimen.

GIA Report 6302296096.

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