1.5ctw Paraiba Tourmaline Pair Trillion Cut GIA


Paraiba tourmaline pair trillion cut GIA certified.

A pair of trillion cut natural paraiba tourmaline gemstones weighing 1.46ctw.

The two gems are in the sizes as follow:

0.68ct (7.01 x 6.37 x 2.73)

0.78ct (7.37 x 5.66 x 3.95).

The whole set of 4 GIA certified loose paraiba tourmaline gemstones weigh 5.21ctw. There is a separate listing for the oval cut and pear cut.

Paraiba tourmalines are desired for the bluish green ‘Windex blue’ color that appears to have a neon quality, where this neon attribute is observed to be more striking in low light.

All 4 gems are clean and fiery and they do possess that glowing quality.

Bear in mind you’re looking at photos of the gems still unset. When set into gold, the contrast will illuminate these paraiba gems further.

These 4 gems are carefully picked to work into artistic luxury pieces, a ring, a pendant, and a pair of earrings.

GIA Report.

Gem Report

Paraiba Tourmaline Trillion Cut Pair GIA

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