Art Nouveau Peach Sapphire Ring 18K Padparadscha


An antique filigree art nouveau peach sapphire gold ring in 18K. The orange pink sapphire weighs 1.47ct, and approximates the bolder color of a padparadscha sapphire, though in those days, the idea of was more of a peach sapphire than the modern phenonmenon of padparadscha.

If you have been looking around for a pink sapphire tinged with an orange hue, this is indeed one such sapphire.

We’ve had this ring for awhile and only listed for sale after we restored the prong work on the bezel. We remain as mesmerised by the filigree cravings on the gold work as ever.

The filigree is made up of curlicues and slightly Gothic renderings you would expect on a Baroque gate, though all in fine proportion and very graceful, not overly ornate. The peach sapphire in a round cut captivates your attention amidst its artistry.

This is not a reproduction piece, as the carvings are edged on expertly controlled thin sheets of gold, the two halves then soldered together into one ‘fish eye’ centrepiece.

There are visible marks under the loupe of handicraft work throughout.

The limited pieces of Art Nouveau sculptural ornaments, as this is, should be preserved.

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