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antique diamond cuff bracelet
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Peranakan Bracelet Bangle, Vintage Diamond Cuff Bracelet

20k-22k Peranakan diamond bangle bracelet set with over 4cts of thick and big intan diamonds.

In the style of a hinged cuff, the bangle has traces of both older and modern marks. The original bangle could have been reworked to incorporate repair or addition – it is hard to tell with the continuous reworkings of Peranakan jewellery.

Many antique and vintage pieces undergo reworking to match modern aesthetic. It has been, and remains to present day, the custom for Peranakan jewellery to be reworked; this presents difficulty in setting a date of creation of the original work. Like the older pieces, this hinged cuff bangle is in an oval form, with the underside of the openwork imperfect. There is also a lack of gold plating noticed in reproduction pieces.

The hand cut diamonds are very clean and very bright, only possible in finer Peranakan jewellery. This is essential as the rose cut diamonds are the main show of this cuff bangle. The biggest center diamond ‘flower’ is 6.5mm and the smallest is 4mm.

The modern aspect of this bangle is its relative simplicity, very structured compared to many Peranakan bracelet bangles. The surviving pieces that are highly treasured are mostly ornate, with knife-edged openwork commonly viewed as ‘filigree’ in Peranakan jewellery.

Ironically, while there are many ‘filigree’ or Art Nouveau inspired Peranakan jewellery being passed around, these ‘streamlined’ designs do not surface as often. The art of collecting jewellery is impartial to obscurity…

Wear higher up the forearm for night and lower during the day – styling tips from Art Deco days never disappoint!

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