Rare 14ct Burmese Peridot Gem Ring


14.05ct oval cut Burmese peridot gem.

If you study gemstone history in heirloom jewelry books, you are likely to discern the difference between Burmese peridot and Pakistani peridot. Much of the peridot found in the marketplace today is from Pakistan.

Burmese peridot has a layer of ‘grey’ in its bright green, seemingly to the naked eye, yet it is this softening that makes the brightness less glassy like and more flavourful.

While peridot is only a semi precious stone, a scan would reveal how uncommon Burmese specimens are. I have not seen one this size available for sale in this price range 🙂

This is in the arena of legendary gems, or gem grade peridot.

It shows up in old Nizam jewelry, used amongst Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and Kashmir and Ceylon sapphires, so what do you think?

This gemstone is certified with a well respected gem lab in Singapore.

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