SIJS 24K Gold Bohemian Earrings Kinetic Mobile Art


A dangly pair of gold bohemian earrings set with old glass beads in 9k, 18k, and 24k gold.

These earrings demonstrate the beauty of gold, earth and wind in an innocent package but they are definitely more. The wearer will attest to its movement and soulfulness, as words are inadequate.

The beads come from our personal collection; each is selected to be distinct but a mirror to the other. Collectively, these highly collectible glass beads are known as trade wind beads. These specific Venetian mosaic beads are also known as ‘millefiori’, or a thousand flowers.

The millefiori beads have a reason to be a thousand flowers and colors. From 1450 to 1870, a great variety of these European beads were exchanged for African ivory, gold, palm oil and slaves. The routes these beads took are a combustion of love and life and still carry with them a very moving beauty. These specific two beads are from around 1850.

Most jewelry involving trade wind beads tell their story as a whole. Here we prefer to look at two, and listen to just two.

The beads are capped in 9k (zigzag caps); they form the stubborn hard gold around the old glass. The flat arcs are 18k rose gold with the outermost yellow in 24k gold. One gold color draws the beauty of the other. When the ‘mobiles’ move, they invite imagination. You will note the striking yellow gold and the softer rose gold exhibit brightness differently in different light conditions.

Any other parts are 24k.

The use of different types of gold is deliberate though this design decision may escape notice. Once again, tactility and sentimentality will only be felt in wearing, moving, living.

Everything from design to construction is organic in these earrings. We first worked on the zigzag caps four years ago and only completed this pair in 2018. Time plays a big part in our readiness to exchange stories.

The gold work is not cast; it is hand forged from start to finish. It is of substantial weight and feels absolutely tactile.

There is only one pair like this.

The beauty of slow craftsmanship.

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