SIJS Jade Ruby Cuff Earrings Set

SIJS Jade Clover Cuff Bangle

SIJS jade cuff set with natural jadeite jade and ruby in 18k.

The jade was cut from a whole polished circular piece into three irregularly-sized pieces for this cuff, with some pieces remaining to fashion into a matching set of earrings.

This is a commission piece.

But the decision to use jade is significant in this job. Despite the fact there is no lack of modern jade jewellery floating around!

One reason is our long history with this stone, in Singapore and many places beyond China. We also observed very little of contemporary jade jewellery fleshes out jade’s aesthetic in a subtle artistry, at least not after Cartier’s exemplar use in the 1930s. Jade and ruby are splendid together, yet always used in competition.

We selected an uncommon type of jade, then reserved the uncommon shape for the earrings.

We kept the use of rubies as accent points in the bangle, without apologising for the jade’s darkness. Jade is the main stone/smile, ruby is applied like ‘dimples’.

This cuff is wholly hand-built. The hinges are tedious work, articulating at three panels between the three jade splices, and opening through a ruby-crowned screw bolt. This is the traditional way in many Chinese or ethnic-influenced solid bangles.

Because this jade is both dark and ‘heavy’ (not so much physical weight but metaphysical), laying it out like a clover keeps it supple, fresh. The cuff’s ornamental beauty can be felt, front view and top. Diamonds, like the rubies, are used in minutiae to have their presence and not their bling.

We imagine this to be a luxe, active piece of personal jewellery.

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